Please understand I say this as a friend- but you went on a John Goodman rant a few days ago about fetish sites using your pics and creeping you, and then you're posting multiple pics of you as a baby?? Srsly, if a-holes are already using your over-18 pics that way, you don't wonder what dark corner of the Internet those might end up in? Again, please don't shoot the messenger, I just wanted to point it out to you. You're kind of a lovely person, the thought of ppl creeping on u is intolerable.


  1. threesixfifteen said: Ugh, I thought it was just some asshole of a person. TURNS OUT IT’S AN ASSHOLE WHO HAS A FETISH BLOG. EVEN BETTER.
  2. cursethecosmos said: Victim blaming? Not cool.
  3. chocolateist said: Way to punish the victim! Sweetheart you keep posting anything you see fit! Screw them
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