John Hiatt - Have a Little Faith in Me
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When the road gets dark 
And you can no longer see 
Just let my love throw a spark 
And have a little faith in me 

Oh u knooooo I get so into this

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Joe Cocker - Feelin’ Alright

Not feeling too good myself
Jackson Browne - Tender is the Night
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Artist: Jackson Browne
Song: Tender is the Night
Album: Lawyers in Love
Year: 1983
Theme: Book Inspired Songs


Jackson Browne - Somebody’s Baby

Jackson Browne - Doctor My Eyes
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Doctor My Eyes - Jackson Browne

Doctor, my eyes have seen the years 
And the slow parade of fears without crying 
Now I want to understand 

I have done all that I could 
To see the evil and the good without hiding 
You must help me if you can 

Jackson Browne, New York, 1968
© Linda McCartney

Jackson Browne, New York, 1968

© Linda McCartney

Joe Cocker - Mad Dogs & Englishmen - Space Captain

if u wanna party w me get down 2 this


The Band - The Weight

still haven’t successfully not gotten tears in my eyes listening to this

Levon Helm :,) <3

Van Morrison (with The Band), Caravan.

Van Morrison - Crazy Love
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Van Morrison - Crazy Love